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Handmade leather case produced to carry 16 wax blocks and 16 wax crayons.


We are accepting international orders to ship our products from Brazil to your country.


Unit price (freight and duty/import taxes not included):


  • 55,00 USD
  • 50,00 EUR
  • 50,00 CHF
  • For other currencies, please contact us.


We will be more than glad to offer special discounts, especially if it is your first order or if it is a larger quantity (for the whole class/school). Contact us to more infos.

Leather Case for Wax Blocks/Crayons - Size 16 Colors

  • There are two coloring options for your case:


    • Single color: entire case painted by only one color.
    • Two colors: main color (referring to the external and internal parts) and secondary color (referring to the case latches, back strap and inner flap).


    Any of the color options below can be chosen for your single color case or for the main color or secondary color of your two color case:


    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Light Green
    • Dark Green
    • Water Green
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Purple
    • Wine
    • Pink
    • Brown
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