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Art, crafts, nature and Waldorf pedagogy.

It was this powerful combination, together with the experience of having made bags and lunch boxes for both of his sons Carlos and Rubens, who entered the São Paulo Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School in the 90's, that motivated Antonio to start the creation of different leather products such as crayons cases, wooden pencil cases, general cases and wallets.

Celina, a great enthusiast of the Waldorf pedagogy, was responsible for the sales and for the relationship with parents from different Brazilian Waldorf Schools.

Together with the creation of the first products, our symbol was born: a mindful squirrel carefully contemplating a star, similar to the curious and full of creativity look of children when admiring all kinds of forms, colors and possibilities that come from the crayons and pencils inside the leather cases.




After 26 years enchanting Waldorf children, families and communities, a new cycle begins.

With a new vision that combines respect and admiration for the principles and the history built together with the desire to impact more children, families, schools, Carlos and Rubens decide to join his parents in the journey of building an organization that can keep the values and the contagious feelings generated by its products, while allowing it to reach more people and schools.

The old symbol of the squirrel admiring the star is strengthened by a name that becomes also the name of the organization: Esquiluz - the combination of the squirrel ("esquilo" in portuguese), bringing the admiration and curiosity, and the light ("luz" in portuguese), representing creativity, colorfulness, inspiration, opportunity and hope.

Who We Are


Antonio Yossinori Uehara


Carlos Henrique Uehara

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Celina Haruko Tsukiyama Uehara


Rubens Alexandre Uehara

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Our dream is that our organization can serve people and communities who are interested and see value in our current and future products and services, regardless of where they are in the world.

Our dream is that we can connect Waldorf schools and communities across different regions, from different cultures, and that these connections can generate partnerships and projects that allow more children and families to engage in the principles of the Waldorf education.

In times of rapid changes, technological transformations, disposable products, fluid relationships, and when the environment indicates that ir has reached its limits, we dream that our products and services can bring people reflection, belonging, joy, balance and peace of mind.

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